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Wholesale Walnuts | Case of 8oz Chandler Light Halves and Pieces (10 CT)

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10 CT Case of Wholesale Walnuts. Suggested retail 8.99 each in a low cost area, 9.99-10.99 in higher cost areas. More than that in a premium type of store. These are the small bag in the picture of the three sizes. These walnuts are Chandler Light Halves and Pieces, FRESH 2023 CROP only. Expected ship date is MID to LATE NOVEMBER 2023. You won't find a better looking or fresher packaged walnut product. Pictures do not do the clear front and nut quality justice. Hot seller especially during the holidays. Just put in a basket, rack, or on a shelf. Catches consumers eyes and brings folks back for more with the excellent taste. Doubles as a seasonal touch while generating revenue. In shell walnuts also available on our site as companion display if desired.

Rare combination of very light color and walnuts actually grown to maturity. Grown without pesticides, fungicides, or ripeners in our small family orchard. View the homepage at for more information about our farm and walnuts, or just search for Better Walnuts Red Bluff.

Ships with a little laminated sign/tag that helps increase sales in most situations. If you send us a picture of the walnuts on your shelf/display and your retail address, we will help drive local traffic to them through a boosted post in your local geographic area. Works well in most areas.

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