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Fresh In Shell Walnuts | Ambient Air Dried Howard Walnuts Harvested October 2023

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Beautiful in-shell Howard walnuts, ambient air dried. Grown WITHOUT pesticides, herbicides, ripeners, or anything artificial. Harvested by hand and ambient air dried. ALL PRICES INCLUDE FREE SHIPPING.

The nuts in the pictures are this years crop, the actual nuts that will be shipped out. There are no filters being used. Just the up close mode on a cell phone camera. The pictured nuts were chosen at random from the Howards we harvested. Some will be smaller, some will be bigger. Expect 90% light meated nuts in a typical run. Our air leg catches most of the imperfect nuts, but a few are bound to come through dark or damaged.

The odd amounts are based on shipping rates and shipping box sizes. They reduce shipping costs and help us offer you a great shipping inclusive deal.

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