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25lbs Harvest Fresh Walnuts | Premium Chandler Light Halves and Pieces

Fresh 2023 Crop
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Product Details

Always from the most recent harvest. Always cold stored. Grown without pesticides, fungicides, or ripeners on our family farm. We grow what we sell!

This Particular Walnut Product

25lb box of Premium Chandler Halves and Pieces. These are top grade California walnuts fresh from Fall 2023 Harvest. They are packed in a bulk box with a folded poly liner. These are perfect for sharing with friends or for repacking in bags for gifts and refrigerating for year round nut consumption. Typical Box Dimensions are approximately 18 inches by 12 inches by 8.5 inches. The box should fit on a normal fridge shelf if you prefer to leave the walnuts in their box.

Walnut Quality Notes

In terms of color and size, this product is well suited to being used in any cooking, baking, or fresh eating application. It would be similar in size and color to a premium bagged halves and pieces walnut product you might find in a gourmet type grocery/supply store. Please note that depending on nut availability, these boxes may have our processor branding on them, but they are my family's nuts with our grower number.

About Chandler Walnuts and The Designation "Light"

The Chandler variety is noted for its popular, mild flavor and excellent appearance/texture. It is considered a premium variety for baking and fresh eating. The DFA grade "light" is considered the best walnut meat quality designation, which is why we specifically sell Chandler light halves and pieces.

Bulk Walnut Storage

For long term consumer storage, walnuts should be refrigerated at 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit (normal consumer fridge temperature) and protected from light to preserve maximum product quality throughout the year. For convenience, this product can be packed down into Ziplock or vacuum seal bags by the consumer.

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