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In Shell Walnuts for Birds

Unbleached In-Shell Walnuts

Our In Shell Walnuts are unbleached and grown without insecticides, fungicides, or ripeners. Walnuts are often offered as a natural snack for parrots, Macaws, and other birds. We even crack our extra walnuts and feed them to our chickens as part of their diet.

If you are unsure if walnuts are a healthy snack for your pet, please check with a veterinarian who has expertise in animal nutrition. While walnuts have an excellent feed value for a variety of animals, we can’t guarantee that they are safe for your animal nor can we advise you on the proper walnut feeding techniques and amounts for you particular animal’s needs.

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We would love to see a picture of your bird enjoying walnuts. As with any food, always consult a veterinarian or other avian expert about the safety of walnuts (and their shells) for your particular pet.