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FRESH English Walnut Meats. Taste The Difference.

Chandler Walnut Light Halves and Pieces grown without pesticides, ripeners, or bleaches and conveniently shelled from our most recent walnut crop.

Where Our Walnut Meats Come From

We shell our fresh Chandler walnuts into Chandler light halves and pieces, and sell them in bulk walnut cases, bulk 40oz heat sealed barrier packages, and retail sized 8oz and 16oz barrier pouches. Shelling our walnuts means consumers can buy just the walnut meats, with the shells removed for convenience. These walnut meats are superior to the walnut products typically found in a grocery store, and you can both see and taste the superior quality.

Why Buy Chandler Walnuts?

Chandler walnuts are known to be the lightest walnut meats, and they hold their lightness well relative to other walnut varieties. They also have a mild, buttery taste that most consumers favor. Because of their demand in overseas walnut markets, they command higher prices here domestically, which means many walnut packers opt for cheaper walnuts to put into consumer packaging.

Why Buy Chandler Light Halves and Pieces?

Light halves and pieces are the best mechanically shelled meats available. You will find that our light halves and pieces product has better piece size and quality and a higher proportion of halves than most other walnut products you will find.

A Word About Walnut Meat Freshness

Our walnuts are often a whole year or two fresher than what’s available in the store or from most online resellers. Because we grow the walnuts we sell and we have our walnuts shelled out each year, we are able to quickly get out fresh crop walnuts to our consumers. On the other hand, many other sellers are stuck trying to move old walnuts. These old walnuts tend to show more oxidization and can often have a stale or rancid flavor depending on how they were stored.

Preserving Fresh Walnuts with Cold Storage

Walnuts are only harvested in the Fall in the northern hemisphere (and here in Northern California, where we grow our walnuts), so there is a limit to how fresh the walnuts anyone can sell are. A key strategy we use to always deliver fresh tasting walnuts is to store our walnut meats cold. The cold temperature slows the aging process and allows us to offer fresh flavored walnut meats all the way until the next harvest (or until we sell out all our walnuts).