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FRESH English Walnut Meats. Taste The Difference.

Chandler Walnut Light Halves and Pieces grown without pesticides, ripeners, or bleaches and conveniently shelled from our most recent walnut crop.

Fresh California In-Shell English Walnuts for Less

  • Our walnuts are grown without pesticides, fungicides, ripeners or bleaches.
  • We have a transparent supply chain. We can tell you whose trees your walnuts came from.
  • Our walnuts are always from the most recent harvest.

“…Best Walnuts I’ve had since I picked some off the tree. Also very fast shipping. 100% Happy!…”

George from Santa Monica

We Know Walnuts

All of our Walnut Warehouse walnuts are grown in California. Most of them are actually grown in my family’s small Chandler walnut orchard and shipped out direct from the farm where my Grandpa lived before me and now we live. My Uncle has been growing walnuts commercially for over 40 years, and he owns and manages the orchard. The hands in the picture are his hands, the walnuts are his walnuts, and the pocket knife is the same style I remember him showing me how to graft with when I was maybe 10 years old.

This year, in addition to the walnuts we grew on our farm we also are offering a small number Howard walnuts we harvested from a nearby orchard that belongs to a friend and who has also stopped using insecticides, fungicides, and ripeners.

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Popular Uses for Our In Shell Walnuts

Our customers all have their own reasons for buying walnuts from us. Below are some common ways people utilize our walnuts.

Macaw eating walnut

Great Snacks for Birds

Macaws, Parrots, and other birds enjoy walnuts. Of course, birds should be supervised with shells and you should consult a veterinarian or other bird expert.

Chandler Walnuts and Walnut Cracker on Walnut Stump

Classic Walnut Cracking Fun

Cracking out walnuts is a time honored tradition. Great for keeping hands busy and productive. Watch a video showing how easy it is to crack walnuts.

Walnut meats and cracked walnut shells

Maximum Omega 3 Freshness

Some of our customers order in shell walnuts ensures that the walnut meats and their oil is at its freshest and healthiest. View an article summarizing about Walnut health benefits from Harvard.